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Forbes featured podcast, “Sincerely, me”

A life of integrity, alignment and quiet strength - that's what Tallia and Lyric Lewin explore in this week's episode of "Sincerely, Me." Lyric intimately shares about her experience leaving a successful career at CNN and what she learned along the way. They discuss the process of removing the "masks" of our ego and finding the courage to strip ourselves of the prestigious roles and titles we tend to hide behind. In the end, it's only in the process of uncovering and unfolding that we have no choice but to become our own best friend. From that place, we begin to release the need to prove ourselves to the outside world and rest assured that who we are on our own is worthy enough. Listen here.

The Dean’s List Dinner

Atlanta Director of Photography. Learn more about the events coordinated here.

Ikon Panel on Gender Privilege

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Seoul foreign school

Visiting artist week for SFS art students.

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Woodall weekend workshop

Visiting professionals at University of Georgia’s Photojournalism workshop.

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